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Welcome to the Waldwick Soccer Association Online Registration

Registration for Waldwick Soccer 2018 Fall season is now closed


Returning Users:  Please login with the account you created last year when you registered with Waldwick Soccer.  If you have forgotten your password, use "Forgot your password? Reset your password." underneath the login button. 


For New Users:  Once you have created your Waldwick Soccer account please make sure to record your username and password for future reference. A valid copy of a certificate of birth must be provided for all first time players to Waldwick Soccer.


Note: Please understand that Waldwick Soccer is unable to accept any special placement requests by parents, players or Coaches to be with a specific coach, player or team. This includes requests to coach with specific coaches.  Because we are unable to accommodat eall such requests, we are unable to accept any special placement requests.

To register a volunteer request to be a coach: 

  • First step is to REGISTER yourself within your Waldwick Soccer account as a coaching volunteer
  • Coaches will need to understand the Waldwick Soccer  Coaches Code of Conduct .
  • The Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y certification needs to be completed BY JULY / Before AUGUST. 
  • ALL Waldwick Soccer COACHES AND ASSISTANT COACHES, are required to take concussion awareness training every year.  The online course only takes 10 minutes or less, is free and available online at: nfhslearn. OR CDC Heads Up Site  Once completed, you will be able to print a certificate that says you have done the necessary training. Both your Rutgers Safety certificate and Concussion Awareness certificate are required before you start coaching.  Please give these to your division coordinators before you start your first practice.  In addition, Coaches will need to attend a few periodic meetings in order to understand the operation.


Age Brackets:  A valid copy of a certificate of birth must be provided for all first time players to Waldwick Soccer. Age divisions are set per NJYS & NWBSA rules regarding age brackets.  The age divsions are by age not grade. Players may need to be moved to the age correct division based on their birthdate.  ( For example - An older child in a younger grade may need to be moved up to the age proper playing divisions.)


Fees - Teams require commitments in order to be fielded, Your registration is a  commitment to participate, therefore fees are generally non refundable.  Request for refunds will be reviewed by the Waldwick Soccer board later in seasonal year in October or November.  Late fees can not be waived.